6. 2. 2020
Enjoy this spontaneous recording of Escualo by Piazzolla during the photoshoot for our brand new project 'Pasión'! Energetic and passionate Tango Nuevo concert program - that's 'Pasión' by Duo Řehák & Vocetková!
17. 12. 2019
Enjoy my interpretation of this iconic accordion piece. The video was shot in the amazing surroundings of the lobby of the PPF company headquarters in Prague. With this new music video, I would like to express my sincere and huge gratitude to The Kellner Family Foundation for supporting me during my studies at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
25. 10. 2019
'When I saw Dresden in ruins, it made me think and I was on the verge of tears...' ⎯ Václav Trojan
4. 3. 2019
11. 9. 2017
18. 1. 2017